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Electrical Questions? You can find some answers here. We get asked a lot of questions and hope you will find some answers in the following frequently asked questions. If you are unsure about or there is something we have not covered below, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk through any queries you may have. Premier Electrical Services provide cost effective Electrical services across Ireland.


Outdoor lighting is extremely beneficial to us in Ireland for a variety of reasons. Security is something we all look to improve and with dark evenings in winter, having motion sensor security lights outside our homes will deter burglars and provide light for us when coming in from the car or running to the shed! The summers seem to be getting warmer but we still need light to be able to sit out and entertain in the evenings.


Installing mood lighting, whether it be low level warm wall lights or LED strip lighting that can be set to a multitude of colours, will create and ambience of warmth and comfort and fun for you to enjoy in your garden. We can also provide lighting for driveways and paths, security lighting does not always have to be bright white, even warm and soft sensor wall lights outside work as a deterrent.

House rewires are an important part of ensuring your home is safe for your family. The first step would be to inspect the home if contacted by the customer to see if a full or partial rewire is required, this is done by performing a periodic inspection test. Once our qualified certifier’s have completed the required tests we will be better informed to advise the customer as to the next step!

Full or partial rewire

A full rewire or partial rewire would require chasing of walls and lifting of floor boards. We can facilitate this if you are living in the home during the rewire, however the quickest and most cost efficient way to complete this would be to vacate the property during this time.

Five reasons to make the switch to LED

1.Lower Electricity Bills – Switching a single 42-watt halogen light bulb to an energy efficient 9-watt LED will save about €7.00 per year. LEDs are often only slightly more expensive than their halogen counterpart, but can save you money in the long term.

2.They last longer – Halogen bulbs typically dim over time and fail after about two years. LEDS last up to ten times longer.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint – LEDS use approximately a fifth of the energy of halogen bulbs. The EU wide phase-out of halogen lightbulbs will prevent carbon emission’s equal to the total annual emissions of over half a million Irish households.

4.Easy installation – LED bulbs are available to replace all the standard bulbs, Newer LED bulbs are branded as “soft white or warm white” that emit the better light than their halogen equivalent.

5.They are better for the environment – Unlike CFLs, LEDs are mercury free which is better for the environment.

Reducing your electricity bills

Led lights are the future, using less energy thus reducing your electricity bills and your businesses carbon footprint. To start, we will do a full energy audit of your business to establish what is consuming the most energy. This tends to be lighting in offices and retail settings. This allows us to give you an accurate reduction target and payback time for the works. We will then advise you on the most cost effective ways of reducing your future electricity bills.


This is done by installing LEDS alongside smarter control systems. In an office setting lux (light) levels are super important for your staff spending long hours on computers. The appropriate lighting makes their tasks in the office easier allowing them to be more productive by reducing the strain on their eyes and generally how they feel when working in a properly lit environment.

Using a REC gives confidence to consumers that they are using a contractor who is competent, insured and subject to regular inspection. It is through the registration system that Safe Electric, can monitor and validate that the electrical works completed meet the required safety standards.

Registered Electrical Contractors

Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) must adhere to the Safe Electric Rules of Registration with regard to matters such as training, competence, inspection & audit, test equipment, insurance and completion certificates. It is through this registration system that Safe Electric, can monitor and validate that the electrical works completed meet the required safety standards.

Safe Electric register

Any REC that appears on the Safe Electric register has appropriate insurance cover in place. RECs shall permit Safe Electric to carry out an inspection and or audit at any time. Any REC who is the subject of a Disciplinary Process must cooperate fully with every phase of the Disciplinary Process.

Keep your home safe by being aware of the three common signs are; Discoloration of Wall Outlets, Experiencing a Tingling Sensation when using the outlet, A Burning Smell. We cover what to do in the event of one of these occurring in the following questions.. If you notice any of these signs, contact us immediately and we’ll help you repair faulty electrical outlets.

If the wall appears to be discoloured, this is the biggest warning sign that your electrical outlet may be burned. A discoloured wall outlet can be caused by burning inside your outlet. It could also mean your outlet is damaged or improperly installed. Do not ever attempt to use a discoloured outlet. Please contact us immediately if you see a discoloured outlet, and we’ll send one of our qualified electricians to inspect it.

Tingling sensation

If you plug in any electrical device, such as a radio or toaster, and then you experience a tingling sensation when you touch the device, it is a sign of major electrical trouble. Please do not ignore this sensation and pass it off as an unusual occurrence. If you do not address this electrical problem, you could face a more serious injury later on. One of our expert electricians can investigate the problem for you and begin the process of replacing your electrical outlet.

Immediate priority

If you notice a strong burning smell coming from your outlet, it is a clear sign that replacing your electrical outlet is an immediate priority. If you touch an outlet and it feels hot, this is also a sign of electrical trouble. The sound of sizzling or popping near an electrical outlet should also be taken very seriously and means that your electrical outlets need to be inspected as soon as possible.


It’s easy for us to pass these signs off as minor issues that do not warrant any attention or inspection, however, it is incredibly important that you contact Premier Electrical Services immediately if you experience any of these signs of burning around an electrical outlet. We can repair or replace your outlets, ensuring your home is safe for you and your family!

How much will this cost

We get asked is “how much will this cost”. The answer to this is the same for all clients and potential clients, the cost is determined on what you want and the specification you require.


But what we can guarantee is that the service you will receive from any of our team will be second to none, whether it is a small callout to replace an immersion switch or custom wiring on any of our multi million euro homes. Dedication to customer satisfaction has been the main building block of our business. Delivering time and time again, on time, within budget and to the highest standard.

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